USAC Roundup – November 30th

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Bruin Parenting Scholars

Demanded the Undergraduate Students Assoc. Council to educate people on the issues students have with family members that include the unattainable of the classroom for instruction.

Public Comment:

  • Zuleika Bravo USAC student representative for transfer 2020-2021 stated they are working to raise the awareness of the difficulty in accessing classes in this winter semester. The majority of parents of students commute also and the students are having difficulty to finish their assignments due to the lack of face-to face courses, Bravo said.

Extra presentations:

  • In the presentation in which participants of Bruin Parents Scholars explained that they needed the support from the council to encourage advocacy and building a the community of children who have parents on college campus. BPS is an organized by students, which is focused on the voices of parents and students and also works with the departments of the university and the student organizations to help support efforts to aid in the personal, professional, and academic devt. of students with parents, as per Nadine Quinonez, an undergraduate psychology student in her 4th year.
  • Radha Patel, chair of the Student Chapter of California Public Interest Research Group, together and the other CALPIRG officials, discussed their campaigns to get low-cost textbooks, along with the reduction of housing and food insecurity for the year.


  • The council was able to allocate $398 to funding the Interval Vice-President’s Office for Food Trucks during the week prior to Finals.
  • The council provided $1300 to 180Degrees Consult the consulting company which provides services to companies with a social conscience as part of the council’s Winter Professional Night.
  • Council gave $500,000 to MedReach the group focused on teaching the highschool students in the field of medicine and communications.
  • The council donated 411 dollars to Filipinos for Community Health, organization that provides health education that is culturally relevant and assistance, as well as support for the winter general meetings.
  • Council provided 411 dollars to the UCLA Medical Assistant’s Medical Assistant Pre-Physician Asst. Club for their winter general gatherings. This is is a club that educates students on how to become an assistant physician.
  • The council provided 650USD to Vietnamese Community Health at UCLA for staff retreats.
  • The council donated $750 to for the Filipino Transfer Student Partnership for the winter retreat.
  • The council donated 500 dollars to the Saudi Arabian Student Assoc. at UCLA to organize a dinner at the end of the fall quarter’s period.
  • It also gave Muoi in UCLA the Vietnamese-based group of prayer with $500 to buy their 2021-2022 T-shirts.
  • Council also made donations of 2,000USD to Union Centroamericana de UCLA, an activist group which supports Central American students, for Garifuna Solidarity Day and Settlement.
  • The council donated $1,000 to the Society of Women Engineers for their hackathon.
  • The council donated the sum of $1100 UCLA, a not-for-profit organisation that is specialized in fashion to fund their gala gala in winter and fashion as well as trends in student fashion.


  • Council approved laws to transfer the ownership for the USAC’s Viewer for expenditure Viewer that was previously part of the General Representative’s office. It’s now part of the Financial Supports Commission.


  • Council appointed S. Khan whom is currently a freshman in psychology as an assistant director for auditing budgets. Khan stated she wants to know about budgeting in this role and also be more active within the UCLA community in general.


  • USAC The President of USAC Breeze Velazquez has stated that she will be insisting on council members speaking at on the Upcoming Leaders of Color Conference on 16th of April. She also declared that she along with the vice president of internal affairs met with Lyft to talk about a solution that will aid students in accessing safe transportation at campuses. Velazquez has added that the office is willing to accept requests from students needing personal health baskets to help with mental wellbeing. The office’s Instagram Live City Hall held in the office of Velazquez on Tuesday was focused on the accessibility of winter classes.
  • Vice-President of IVP’s In-House Office Cassandra Gatica said to the IVP office has raised more than $800 via crowdfunding to help fund its housing assistance grant. The award is for those who are struggling with housing. Gatica also said that she’s working with Spark and the Scholarships and the Economic Crisis Response Team and   Bureau of Financial Aid on the application process and eligibility to be eligible for this award. She also stated she attended an interview with SOLE which is which is the Office for Leadership and Student Organizations, and Engagement to discuss accessibility issues with technology faced by student organizations. SOLE is developing the pilot program to address this issue during the first quarter of the winter season, she stated. Gatica added that The IVP’s IVP office is responsible for organizing food trucks that visit the campus during the week leading up to graduation.
  • A member of the Academic Affairs Commission Angelina Quint confirmed that her office had dealt with department of Dr. S. Seplow, Assistant Vice-Chancellor responsible for Student Development, met to discuss the need to fill the vacancies in the position of Disability Specialists. The office is currently collecting feedback from students regarding distance learning to increase the use of distance learning over the next three quarters. Quint also stated that she will be meeting along with UCLA’s Advancement of Teaching to discuss possibilities to offer distance learning the winter time as well as subtitling recording of lecture. Alongside the commission for facilities AAC is working on the distribution blue and scantron books, according to Quint. Quint added to the AAC’s AAC office has been working and Residential Life on a fall-quarter stress relief program that was held at the Carnesale Commons on upcoming Saturday. Quint also stated that she was scheduled to meet together with representatives from the Bruin Learning to ensure an easy move to Canvas. Students are able to seamlessly transition in to Canvas.
  • Students health director Tayloneei Jackson has stated in a written report that her office collaborates will be working in conjunction with Claris Health Clinic, which assists people in making their decisions about their sexual health as well as Harm Reduction LA, the organization that providing a place for sessions with a clinical doctor for those who are users of prescription drugs to gather to form connections with their community.
  • Students representative to students who are transfer students Herman Luis Chavez says in an unsigned declaration that the group is working with SWC to launch the You Belong Here campaign to fight the effects of impostor syndrome in students who are transferred. He also said that in the current quarter the office is gathering feedback from students regarding their experiences dealing with the issue of food supply. He also announced that they will be preparing an event in wintertime specifically for transferred students, in conjunction with the Agency 2 office.

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