The Hague wants to use wristbands for café entrances after the Covid QR code check


The Hague will use a bracelet system for people who want to visit some restaurants or cafes. This should make it easier for companies to check whether someone has a coronavirus access card.

The bracelets will be a different color every day. The tapes are provided at checkpoints, where people must then show the valid QR code generated by the CoronaCheck app after they have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or have either recovered from the coronavirus infection or have tested negative.

The bracelets will be used this coming weekend in the Plein, an important entertainment district in the center of The Hague. “We are discussing with the catering industry how we can actually implement this. The financing will come from the funds promised by the government ”, communicated the community.

The people in Oosterhout in Noord-Brabant will also receive a bracelet when they go out next weekend. “We hope to make control easier for the catering companies,” said Mayor Mark Buijs on Tuesday.

Last weekend, people in Breda and Alkmaar were able to get wristbands after having their QR code scanned at a checkpoint. As an alternative to the app, Alkmaar has also used a waterproof stamp.

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