The best gifts under $ 100

The gift season has arrived, and it’s time to start thinking about the gestures that will bring some joy to the people in your life. When done well, it often comes down to picking up on the little details, those personal clues inadvertently (or, Hm, on purpose) – that special item someone has in mind or a useful everyday item that really could use a nice upgrade. Still nothing great? Consult our expert list of 20 gifts under $ 100 that are guaranteed to hit the mark.

As a rule of thumb, gifts that have a practical aspect are always valued, as are small luxury items that meet a basic need but not everyone spends for themselves. In advance, we combed the huge shopping galaxy to find the best deals that don’t disappoint, but aren’t very expensive either. These picks make life easier and more convenient for those you love (think: a sleek massager that relieves sore muscles, the softest sweatshirt ever, outrageously chic slippers that would delight anyone, the prettiest bag ever for weekend getaways). One more word to the wise: buy early if you don’t want to miss out on the deals. Here are 20 gifts under $ 100 for your best fundraising season yet.

Spa in a box

For those who can’t get to the spa, bring the spa to them. This collection contains cult favorites from Susanne Kaufmann’s spa in Bezau, Austria, a soothing destination for gourmets. Everything is made with local plants, including the soothing herbal bath; moisturizing mask with sweet almond oil; body butter fortified with honey; Aloe leaf hand cream; and warming rosemary foot cream.

Portable massage gun

Lola cleverly describes itself as a massager for everyone who is serious about training and relaxation. About the size of an iPhone, the gun has four massage heads to target key muscles and has multiple speeds for relieving tension.

Waterproof tote bag with monogram

You can use this sturdy bag for almost anything – weekend getaways, gym bag essentials – but we like it most as a chic reusable option for carrying groceries. The fact that you can monogram it with your initials is just one more reason to love it.

See who keeps track of your stats

This watch records all the stats you can think of – daily activity and heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, sleep and stress – and connects to Alexa so you can ask her questions (e.g. check the weather), turn on smart lights and turn it off and play music. Oh, and yes, it tells the time with a variety of customizable watch faces and displays.

Classic cozy vest

There are many super high end iterations of this classic shearling vest, but this is the OG that started the trend and still stands out as the perfect layering piece on chilly days. Note that the vest often sells out during the holidays, so order early.

Sweets on Saturday morning

Founded in 1953 in Long Island, NY, family-run Morrisons Bakery is famous for its cinnamon buns, which are made from a rich, buttery batter that’s topped with a cinnamon-flavored icing and then topped with a thick icing. The recipe has been passed down through the generations and is just what you need to enjoy over the holidays.

Personalized blanket

Whether you use it to make yourself comfortable on the couch or drape over your knees in the stadium during sports games, this throw feels unique with an eye-catching color-blocking pattern with your recipient’s initials. Bonus: It’s made from machine washable knit fabric.

Mini fragrance collection

It is very difficult to predict which ones one Fragrance someone will love. This five-piece set from Vyrao – a vibrant new wellness-inspired fragrance line – takes the guesswork out of having a mini-wardrobe of fragrances designed to stimulate, uplift, and brighten, and mix and match all year round.

High tech pet camera

This sleek, smart camera is ideal for pet owners who can’t stand to ever be separated from their furry friend. It pans and tilts to follow movement and pairs with your smartphone for extra control. Best of all, the two-way audio allows you to tell your kitten or puppy (from a distance) what a “good boy” he is.

Softest sweatshirt

Inspired by classic American men’s fashion basics, Todd Snyder, in collaboration with Champion, has created the perfect sweatshirt with raglan sleeves, a hand-cut breast pocket and integrated French terry material, which looks stylish on the weekend as well as with a slim dress, pants and white trainers for a work day .

Scented dining candles

This is luxury fragrance house Jo Malone’s first foray into dining candles, which are likely to sell out quickly. The set of four slender pillars is infused with gourmand grapefruit and subtle notes of rosemary, peppermint and allspice that gently scent the air without overwhelming your senses during meals. Everything is packaged in the British brand’s signature boxes tied with black ribbon.

Funny festive ornaments

These are the must-have ornaments for your tree: Cody Foster’s vintage-style Christmas baubles transform everyday foods like tacos and New York’s famous black and white cookies into hilariously adorable works of art. The ornaments often sell out quickly, so grab a few of your favorites quickly to make a gift set for those on your list.

It status slippers

Forget the it bag: these whimsical, fluffy UGG slides are the current influencer fashion favorite, made from soft sheepskin with a lightweight platform that makes them as comfortable as they are fun. The convenient strap means you can carry it around the house – or, you know, to dinner.

Smart glasses for water, juice and wine

A steal at $ 45 for a set of six. Made in France, these mugs are made from extremely durable glass (meaning you don’t have to worry about chips or drop them). They come in the most beautiful shades of green that take everything you serve – from table wine to sparkling water – to a more stylish level.

Set with hot sauce

For the hot sauce lovers in your life, the Fuego set offers serious heat and flavor. Three hand-filled mixes include an everyday red, a punchy verde and a very vinegar-like “Carolina Reaper” sauce. For cooking you also get the spicy blossom honey from Fuego and the pink Himalayan salt enriched with ghost pepper.

Trio of stylish candles

Here’s the thing: you can really differentiate between luxury candles and everything else. The up-and-coming fragrance manufacturer Boy Smells works with high-quality waxes (that emit very little smoke) and quirky-cool ingredients (that smell fantastic). This trio conjures up nature with notes ranging from zesty pink peppercorns to grounding rhubarb to green green and comes in metallic candle holders that are both refined and festive.

Well designed cooking apron

These modern, hardworking aprons were designed by a chef and worn by chefs. They are made of sturdy 100% cotton canvas and have well thought-out details such as pockets that can hold utensils or your phone for looking up prescription measurements. Just for fun, you can customize the apron by having up to ten characters embroidered on it.

Hand clothes steamer

Steam Creation Professional portable steamer for clothes

It’s not a boring gift, trust us: this high-tech handheld model turns an everyday task – removing wrinkles – into a gamer-like experience. Grab the 1500 watt tool to tackle wrinkles from cotton to silk to chiffon clothing. The matte black steamer features a 4.3-ounce water tank, gets hot in 15 seconds, and comes with a travel-friendly bag, heat-resistant glove, and a fabric steam brush attachment.

Breathtakingly chic vase

The beveled surface of this piece is inspired by contemporary architecture and has an elegant midnight blue hue that will suit any interior. For added versatility, you can use this sculptural find as a candle lantern or a vase for flowers.

Personal fireplace

Think of this as your portable fireplace to create a relaxing atmosphere at home. It’s small – just 4 inches – so you can place it on a table in the kitchen for homemade s’mores or in the living room where you can watch the flames dance while relaxing on the couch. It’s safe for indoor and outdoor use, and works on isopropyl alcohol, which provides a clean burn – five ounces gives you 50 minutes of burn time.

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