The Bed Threads Boxing Day Sale offers up to 40% off sheets, duvets and pillowcases to improve sleep

Transform your sleep in 2022! This hotel quality bed linen from Bed Threads is reduced by up to 40% in the Boxing Day Sale – so you can save up to € 100

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If you’ve had trouble sleeping lately, the start of a new year is an ideal opportunity to change your sleeping habits and recover more quality.

To experience all of the energy- and mood-boosting benefits that come with a full night’s sleep in 2022, you need to optimize your bedtime.

Bed threads has cut the price of bedding on sale by up to 40 percent, so you can easily make a transformative upgrade to your sleep. Simply enter the code NEW START at checkout to save up to € 100 on your bedroom makeover.

To deceive Bedding, duvet and pillowcase fabric is one of the easiest things you can do to create a peaceful environment to drift away from because you will sleep deeper when you are wrapped in soft, smooth tissue that keeps you warm but lets your skin breathe.

Bed threads uses 100 percent French flax linen, which is much softer and more breathable than cotton and gets softer with every wash.

Using eco-friendly dyes results in a huge variety of colors and prints that you won’t find anywhere else, and you can mix and match different colors and patterns to create a bed you just can’t wait in.

With 20% off everything and 40% off bedding sets, including creating your own sets, there’s a lot to explore, but here are eight of our most popular items and sets to help you feel comfortable and create a dreamy sleeping environment create.

The fresh unisex color turmeric is warm and inviting and invites you to jump between the ceilings. It also feels a little regal to help you sleep like royalty with no worries.

This set goes well with both cozy winter styling and a fresh summer interior and is an investment that you will enjoy all year round. This makes your bed the center of the room.


Green is a current trend in interior design, and one of the easiest ways to get in is a bright green that differs only a few shades from gray.

Sage will transform your bedroom into the ultimate haven with its muted hue that acts as a versatile neutral point. You’ll love how this set appeals to retro style and contemporary design at the same time, transforming any room it’s styled in to look fresh, clean and relaxing.


Do you like an extra layer to weigh you down and feel good in bed? The great thing about a blanket is that you can also use it as a blanket on the sofa or as a picnic blanket for that tapas dinner.

Super soft, warm and durable, surprisingly thick and the pink tone color is perfect for creating a girlish hideaway.


One of the best things about sleeping in a luxury hotel is to have a layer of sheet that you can slip under before the comforter is put over it. As an alternative to a duvet, a top sheet can also be used in summer if you want to feel protected without overheating.

This is generously dimensioned to just graze the ground so that you can share it without a fight or sleep alone in a swaying soft cocoon.


A bedding package is already excellent value for money when you consider that it consists of a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, four pillowcases, and a duvet cover, but with an additional 40 percent discount, it’s a must have.

You can choose subtle variations between the sheets and pillowcases for a beautiful layered look and sleep tightly in 100% French flax linen that gets softer with every wash


If you don’t already have the budget to invest in a brand new set, start by swapping pillows and repositioning your head. Placing your face on a silky smooth surface is extremely relaxing and helps you fall asleep.

These pillowcases have a fold-over opening to keep your insert securely in place, so you can enjoy plump and protected pillows every time your head touches them.


The darker colored bedding creates a warm, relaxing environment so this duvet cover gives you the benefits of chromotherapy as well as a really luscious, soft feel.

If you’re looking to sleep surrounded by plants for even more health benefits, olive bedding balances out the shadows of the plants for a zen sleeping environment.


Do you like white tones but feel that strong white is too harsh on the eyes? Oatmeal is super light in color, but is warmer and softer than pure white. Timeless and with a natural texture, oatmeal is a chic yet comfortable addition to a minimal bedroom aesthetic.

Perfect for creating Scandi vibes or making the most of the light in your room to feel sunny vibes all year round. The oatmeal color will last you for years without going out of style.


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