The 6 best beauty and wellness finds from around the world

If you want to set up a world class beauty routine, why not go international? After all, every corner of the world has its unmistakable ingredients, influences and traditions – and with them a multitude of beauty benefits. That’s why we’ve rounded up a range of beauty, health, and lifestyle staples drawn from or inspired by regions and cultural heritages around the world, from a supplement that epitomizes Mediterranean life to one Eye shadow inspired by Japanese pop art. Fill your medicine cabinet with these global merchandise that will enable you to fly – and get beautiful – without leaving your home.

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Bruno MD Royal Collagen Peptides Stick Packs

The Italian beauty and wellness brand Bruno MD bundles the Mediterranean lifestyle and the reputation for longevity and vitality in its luxury product line. These powdered collagen sachets (available in three natural flavors: blood orange, dragon fruit and strawberry acai) contain a red orange complex, a vitamin C extract made from blood oranges grown on Mount Etna; astaxanthin obtained from algae; and the brand-specific collagen peptides. The continued use of these specially formulated collagen molecules, explains Dr. Steffen Oesser, director of the collagen research institute in Kiel, will “reduce wrinkles, skin elasticity, skin moisture and the so-called transepidermal water loss – support water loss of the skin … together with an improvement in hair and nails.”



54 Thrones African Beauty Butter Collection Deluxe Tin

To create their skin care brand, 54 thrones, the Nigerian-American founder Christina Tegbe has tapped her West African roots (and fond memories of her aunt’s frequent care packages, which were delivered with shea butter directly from Nigeria). She created products that display the beauty rituals and botanical ingredients that are so important to her heritage. This five-piece set of velvety body butter (made with shea butter from Nigeria) is like a sensual journey across the continent, with layered scents like vanilla and honey or hibiscus and rose that pay homage to Uganda, Ethiopia, Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria and Kenya.



Pili Ani Deep Detox Volcanic Peeling Mask

Developed by the Filipino mother-daughter couple Rosalina Tan and Mary Jane Tan-Ong, Pili AniThe range of nourishing formulas revolves around the antioxidant-rich pili nut that is native to their home country. This rich face mask combines moisturizing pili oil and firming elemi oil with powerful scrubs contained in the volcanic ash of the Mayon volcano of Luzon. It also contains Amazonian clay and bamboo charcoal powders for a dynamic duo of detoxifiers. Bonus: The sculptural vessel that contains the potent formula is like a work of art for your vanity.



La Bouche Rouge lipstick refill

Nothing says classic French glamor like a red lip – so why not fly to La République to find your new favorite? La Rouche Bouge offers a spectrum of purple lip tones, all formulated with moisturizing spring algae hand-grown in the Saint Suliac region of northwest France. This is also not a throw-away product – the brand sells elegantly and refillable leather and vegan leather Lipstick cases.



Vamigas Olinda Prickly Pear, Acai & Chia Clarifying Cleansing

Vamigas Founders and close friends Christina Kelmon and Ann Dunning are committed to honoring the true legacy of Latin American skin care actives that are often divorced from their origins due to the latest beauty trends. It is a deeply personal mission for Kelmon, who is of Mexican roots, and Dunning, who is Chilean American. The signature ingredient in their 2-in-1 makeup remover and facial cleanser is prickly pear, a variety of cactus endemic to Mexico. The gentle oil-based cleanser also contains Mexican jojoba, Brazilian açaí and chia, which come from several locations in Central America.



Shiseido POP PowderGel eyeshadow

Each of the 18 glowing shades in this collection of Shiseido is inspired by a color found in Japanese art. The creamy, mixable powder shadows are named after onomatopoeic expressions in the Japanese language – such as “waku waku”, which translates as “excited” or “happy”, and goes perfectly with the cheerful pink color of this shade. The brand’s powder gel technology ensures a brilliant finish, whether applied with a brush or finger, and the formula also contains nourishing wakame extract, which is obtained from a Japanese type of seaweed.

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