No color-coded stickers yet to identify environmentally harmful vehicles in Delhi: Road Safety Expert | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: Around 20 lakh vehicles circulate on the streets of Delhi, polluting the air, but the initiative to put color-coded stickers to identify such vehicles has not got off the ground in the past two years, Member of the National Road Safety Council, Kamal Soi said on Wednesday.
Every year, thousands of people in the capital die from urban pollution, while 1.5 lakh people die in road accidents across the country, said Soi, who is also the president of Rahat-The Safe Community Foundation and advisor to the Transport Research Laboratory, UK.
The upcoming winter will have a negative impact on Delhi’s pollution and color-coded stickers are a must to identify the oldest vehicles with outdated technology and the highest pollutant emissions, he said.
Of Delhi’s 1.5 crore vehicles, 70% are two-wheelers and around 20 lakh vehicles are 10-15 years old but still in use, he claimed. He went on to say that the pollution from factories did not contain PM2 and remained in the same area, while PM2 from vehicles spread across the city.
Soi claimed that color-coded sticker work had stalled in the past two years. He claimed that Covid-19 made Delhi supporters more sick because PM2 coming from vehicles was too much here. PM2 goes through the breath to the lungs and the person will soon get sick, he pointed out.
“The Delhi government had talked about putting color-coded stickers on Euro IV vehicles before 2019, but this sticker has not been applied to old vehicles for the past two years. Because of this, there is pollution on the streets. The vehicles involved are not identified, ”said Soi.

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