Napa Valley Harvest Report: Most Growers Report Light Harvests | news


Joel Antonio, Alpha Omega – Cordes Winery – “Last week we completed the Cabernet Sauvignon picking at our Cordes winery, making it the first vineyard in our single vineyard program to complete this vintage’s harvest. The fruit is beautiful! There was so much fog during the last of our three harvests, 68 degrees the first night and 55 degrees the next night before dropping to 48 degrees last night, which gave us three different environments in three nights, the colder temperatures mean last week That the vines will last longer, it won’t shrink or dehydrate and the accumulation of sugar will slow down. The tannins are still ripening in some vineyards on Atlas Peak. The yield has decreased by about 25 percent and everyone is expected to see the harvest By comparison, our last pick at Cordes in 2019 was November 5. We still have Petit Verdot hanging and it looks really good the end.”

Elizabeth Vianna, Chimney Rock Winery – “In the Stags Leap District, the harvest rhythm has slowed somewhat with the recent cooling. At Shafer Vineyards, winemaker Elias Fernandez is done with Merlot and about halfway through the Cabernet Sauvignon on the hillside. He planned a slowdown for last weekend and is about To continue harvesting mid-week. Jon Emmerich, winemaker at Silverado Vineyards, reports that they have harvested around 60 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Stags Leap District and are picking a few small blocks on the property while waiting for other blocks. Josh Widaman , Winemaker in Pine Ridge, reports that they have about a third of their 47 acres of SLD. Malbec is in it, along with some terraced Cabernet Sauvignon as they too wait for other blocks to mature to perfection. Marcus Notaro, Winemaker at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, had started picking from the upper slopes of Fay Vineyard and back to those hills after a weekend lull to drive Nopies are in excellent shape and the fruits survived the small heat event on Labor Day without incident, ”he reports. At Chimney Rock, we’re going to be adding a few tanks of our Alpine Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc this week while we wait for the bulk of our Cabernet Sauvignon winery to arrive. The warming trend ahead should just be the nudge we need to ramp up. We are ready!”

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